Squishy T. rex

In-house graphic design for SmartLab Toys

As a new designer at SmartLab, I jumped into this project in the middle of
production. I finished up the booklet design, working with the look and feel 
established by the previous designer. I also designed the instruction sheet 
from start to finish. This involved coordinating with our writer and toy 
designer, and providing detailed direction to our photographer. The instruction
sheet would need to be fun, colorful, and dynamic to match with the book and 
package design, but it also needed to communicate a fair bit of technical 
information clearly and easily. I focused first on creating a clean and 
intuitive grid layout for the crucial information. I then added a subtle textured 
background, and borrowed some decorative elements from the booklet, in order to 
create a functional, on-brand, visually appealing piece.