Personal project/poetry

Brown and sturdy

wooden handle

only sparsely chipped

caked intricately with

the soft thickness
 of time.

Apprenticeship’s array of changing pigment that began

with aging brown


adoradventure man

(displayer of the desert scene

horses, cowboy land)

Frayed and staining

bristles fading

from gray into new
viridian green and ultramarine

phthalo-cobalt tips of blue.

Permeating hardiness of passion was the gift

given to the frayed


fond-of-seascapes girl

(template sail boats calmly drift

as tender waves unfurl)

Yellow letters

small and waiting

each new lover educating

number 10 Grumbacher, M.

bristlette U.S.A.

Generations’ founded praises shifting through the whole

of ever-waiting


dream-a-forest girl

(spots of light and mystery of iridescent time)

Subtle shades of years I, layered,

label colorlife