Sweater Beast Instructions

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1. Take the body piece and turn it inside out. Center the seam. [1.1] Now cut 
the shape of the legs, making sure that the legs meet at the seam. [1.2] The 
legs should be at least 1 inch wide. Save the leftover pieces. [1.3]

2. Sew up the legs. Start at the heel, and go all the way around the cut, 
using a whip stitch. [2.1],[A]

3. Take the 2 head pieces and position them on top of each other. Make sure the 
outside of the cloth is facing in, and vice versa, since you'll be turning this 
inside out when done. Sew the head pieces together in the same way you sewed 
the body, except leave a neck hole! [3.1],[A]

4. Now for the arms. Take one of the arm pieces and fold it in half. [4.1] Sew 
the arm in the same way you sewed the head and body [A]. Sew all along the cut, 
except leave a hole at the bottom. [4.2] Repeat with the other arm.

5. At this point, all the parts should be sewn, so turn them all right side out 
[5.1] and we can start stuffing. Start with an arm piece. Take small pieces of 
stuffing, and push each one to the bottom of the arm piece using your finger, 
or the blunt edge of a pencil or chopstick. [5.2] Keep pushing small pieces of 
stuffing to the bottom until you have worked your way up to the top, and the 
arm piece is filled with stuffing. Repeat this process with the other body 
parts, using your pencil/chopstick whenever necessary. Pay attention to the 
amount and placement of your stuffing. This will determine whether your beast 
is fat or thin, smooth or lumpy, soft or firm, etc.

6. Now that all the parts are stuffed, we can put them together. Start by taking 
the head and placing it inside the cuff of the sleeve, [6.1] then fold the cuff 
up so that it partially covers the head [6.2].  Try to feel where the head 
overlaps with the sleeve, and, using a running stitch [B], sew the head to the 
body. Sew all the way around the circumference of the neck, making your stitches 
as small as possible. [6.3] When you're done sewing, fold down the cuff. [6.4] 
Your beast now has a turtleneck!

7. Now to attach the arms. Decide where on the body you want the arms to be, 
and cut a tiny hole where each will be attached. Take one of the arms, and 
shove the open end into one of the holes on the body. Tuck in the frayed edge 
of the hole so you can't see it. [7.1] Now use a whip stitch [A] to sew the arm 
to the body. Sew along the entire circumference, making the stitches as small 
as possible. [7.2] Repeat this process with the other arm.

8. Now that the body's done it's time to make the face. Take your buttons and 
position them where you want your beast's eyes to be. Take time to experiment 
with eye placement, because this can really determine the personality of your 
beast. [8.1] Once they're positioned, sew on the button eyes.

9. The mouth will be embroidered. Thread your needle with the embroidery thread.
Tie a knot on one end of the thread, not both. [9.1] This will leave the thread 
loose, so hold onto it while you sew. Using a running stitch [B] sew overlapping 
stitches into the head to make a mouth shape. [9.2] Keep stitching until the 
mouth is as thick as you'd like, then tie a knot. Cut off the excess thread on 
both knots. Try to cut it off as close to the knot as possible! If you like, 
use the blunt edge of your needle to poke the knots under and conceal them.

10. The last step is the ears! Or horns, or whatever appendages you choose. 
Take your leftover pieces [1.3], and cut some shapes into them for ears. 
Figure 12.1 shows some options. Sew your shapes onto the head. 

Congratulations! You've made your first sweater beast! Feel free to add any 
extra features you like. Now you can use your own unwanted sweaters to make 
more beasts! Design, adapt, experiment, and have fun!